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Are you looking for short-stay accomodation in Tokyo? In this article we will outline and link to several websites that you can use to find short stay apartments in Tokyo.

Affordable short-stay accomodation in Tokyo

Read below for our recommendation.

Social Apartment – World Neighbors in Gokokuji

Short Stay Apartments in Tokyo: Social Apartment – Billing Itself as a “New Kind of Community Living”

The Social Apartment system is, as the name suggests, a type of “community living” apartment.

You rent a low-cost accomodation and have a smaller private space, but you get to enjoy the communally shared amenities available.

These amenities can double as office space / a coworking space.

And some of the time they have large kitchen spaces – as well as theater screening rooms and home gyms.

Your bedroom and bathroom will be private – but areas like the kitchen are shared.

If you don’t mind sharing your communal spaces with others – this is a great way to maximize your budget – while at the same time, connecting with others to practice your Japanese.

Social Apartment says that the ratio of Japanese to foreigners is quite high – about 15% of their tenant come from foreign countries. This means if you are looking to make Japanese friends, Social Apartment is a good option.

The move-in costs are lower than a traditional apartment – and you can have flexibility in ending your living arrangement.

You can reach them for an inquiry or a viewing through their Contact Page.

WORLD NEIGHBORS GOKOKUJI3 - short stay apartment tokyo

Short Stay Apartments in Toky: Sakura House – Share House

This share house is geared more towards short term stays and travelling visitors. Although it is ideal for a short stay apartment in Tokyo, they also have rooms available for long term stays.

Sakura House also has full sized Apartments for rent – short term or long term – if you aren’t big on sharing personal space.

They utilize a “Pre-reservation” system for people planning trips to Japan, or are looking to move in for a short term stay. They recommend doing this a month in advance. You can also make a direct reservation if you find a room you like and want to lock it down.

All rooms come furnished with Air conditioning. Water, gas, and utilities are included – and WiFi is free!

They don’t charge any sort of key money or “agent fee” – and they even accept credit cards.

Especially if you are planning on staying for less than 3 months, Sakura House is a great option for short stay apartments in Tokyo.

Within Japan: 03-5330-5250
Overseas: +81-3-5330-5250
Or, reach them through their Contact Page

Short Stay Apartments in Tokyo: Freshroom – Sharehouse

This social living set up is similar to the Social Apartment community living. They have common areas with shared amenities for their tenants such as kitchens, living rooms, lounge areas and workspaces.

One vantage point that Freshroom has over its competitors is that while most rental properties in Japan have a very high move in cost (key money, lease deposit, agent fee, etc), Freshroom waives all of these and only charges a guarantor deposit.

This can make it more desireable than a Social Apartment room as far as move-in costs go, as Social Apartments often charge some of these additional fees.

If you are looking to save money up front, Freshroom might be your best bet for short stay apartments in Tokyo.

Phone: 03-3851-6707
Inquiry link here

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