Japanese Driving Schools in Tokyo with English Support

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Japanese Driving Schools in Tokyo with English Support

Moving to a different country can be stressful enough, let alone thinking about getting a driver’s license. To make the process a lot smoother, we have created a list of driving schools in Tokyo that offer lessons in English.

English driving schools in Japan don’t mean the tests get easier. However, there is a key point to keep in mind, which is whether the school is a designated driving school or an unauthorized driving school.

Designated driving schools are authorized by the National Public Safety Commission and fulfill certain criteria. These schools can issue a diploma for you that allows you to be exempted from taking the driving skills examination at the test site, which has a low passing rate. This also means that there is a certain format to the classes and process to get a license.

On the other hand, unauthorized driving schools in Tokyo do not issue diplomas, meaning you have to go through an additional exam. But, due to this, unauthorized driving schools are a lot more affordable.

In this list, we have included both authorized and unauthorized foreign-friendly driving schools in Tokyo.

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1. Koyama Driving School

– Taught in English with many English speaking staff

– Many locations in Tokyo:

  • Futakotamagawa school
  • Seijo school
  • Shakujii school
  • Akitsu school

– Affordable for foreign license conversion.

– Authorized driving school, meaning that you can take the drivers to permit exam, the final exam, graduation exam, and final exam at the school, rather than a driving license center.


  • No license AT – 360,400 yen
  • No license MT – 373,600 yen
  • Motorcycle license AT – 275,600 yen
  • Motorcycle license MT – 288,800 yen
  • Paper driver license (converting foreign license) – 41,000 yen

2. Tokyo Driving School (TDS)

– Affordable

– One on one lessons

– Trainers are multilingual

– Written test can be taken in English

– Trainers and staff can accompany you to the test site, to help fill out documentation in eng


  • Theory only – 7,700 yen
  • Driving only – 16,500
  • Foreign license conversion – 45,600 yen
  • Learners permit – 127,000 yen
  • Automatic transmission – 185,000 yen
  • Manual transmission – 214,750 yen

Location: 3-21 Kandanishikicho, Chiyoda-ku

3. EDS Driving School

– There’s a number of driving school plans from standard to challenger.

– Customizable lessons based on experience, budget, and needs.

– Based on the lessons, it can take as short as 1 month but as long as 6-9 months

– Take all exams at the driver’s license center


  • Challenger course (experienced driver) –  139,950yen
  • Recommended course (beginner that thinks about budgeting) – 179,650 yen
  • Standard course(beginners following the standard driving lesson) – 259,550 yen
    • Includes first-time assistance to the driving license center
  • Foreign license conversion – 13,750 yen

Location: 2-33-19 Sakashita, Itabashi-ku

4. Musashino Driving Center

– English plan – no additional charges for driving lessons and test

– Addition 58,500 yen for lectures fully in English

– Priority reservation for all lessons

– Consultation sessions to support your lessons

Price list separated by age:

29-35451, 000~462,000~

Location: 2-6-43 Sakai, Musashino-shi

5. Kiki Driving School

– An gaimen kirikae app with information on the license to help you learn to drive in Japan.

Pricing for beginners

  • Experienced
    ¥77,000~ / 2 days
  • Mid-level
    ¥154,000~ / 5 days
  • Beginner
    ¥210,000~ / 7 days

6. Shin-Tokyo Driving Academy

– Skill training and academic tests available in English

– Suitable for those with no Japanese knowledge

– Free shuttle bus access


  • AT basic normal car for adults – 293,000 yen
  • AT basic normal car for students – 288,000 yen
  • MT basic normal car for adults – 305,000 yen
  • MT basic normal car for students – 300,000 yen

Location: 1-2364, Ogawa-cho, Kodaira-shi

7. Ogikubo Driving School

– One-on-one lessons

– 10,000 yen off for students with valid student ID

– Offer ‘Save’ package with unlimited number of supplementary lessons

– Has test for foreign license conversion


  • Ordinary vehicle AT – 198,000 yen for 21 times
  • Ordinary vehicle MT – 218,000 yen for 24 times
  • Motorcycle license holder AT – 168,000 yen for 17 times
  • Motorcycle license holder – 188,000 yen for 20 times

Location: 5-27-8 Ogikubo, Suginami-ku

8. Double OO Drive

– Free admission fee from 1 November to 28 December (20,000 yen)

– Multiple courses available: Samezu course, Akigase course, and Samezu general road

– Self-study at your own time


  • Regular course – 178,880 yen
  • Provisional license course – 84,880 yen

Location: 2-6-11 Senzoku, Meguro-ku

9. Tokorozawa Driving School

– Experienced and friendly English speaking staff

– Free English ability test during the enrollment procedure

– Free insurance plan for those below 19 years old


  • None Moped – 335, 050 yen
  • Motorcycle – 271.690 yen
  • Learner’s Permit – 221,320 yen

Location: 2-879-5 Higashisayamagaoka, Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama Prefecture

10. FCA Driving School

– Offers same-day practice lessons on test days

– Flexible schedules and has limitless class time

– No registration fee

– Courses are available in both English and Japanese


  • 8,900 yen for an hours lesson (semi-medium vehicle, regular motor vehicle and second class course)
  • 8,600 yen for an hours lesson (regular motorcycle)
  • 8,600 yen per hour for on-road driving practice from 3 to 7 hours

Location: 1-29-14 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku

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